Warehouse Surveillance System using Python

Warehouse Surveillance System using Python

Sonu Kumar Saw
·Apr 1, 2022·

2 min read

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • High-Level Diagram
  • Implementation


In this project, we will build a Surveillance System that can be used to detect intrusion and raise an alert. These types of Surveillance systems can be installed in private properties. In a real-life scenario, it will use multiple CCTV cameras connected with the servers. These CCTV cameras detect any movement and If found suspicious, it raises an alert to the owner of the property. These types of surveillance systems use AI to detect a suspicious person or object.

In our implementation of the surveillance system, we will implement a software program that will use a webcam of your laptop to record and detect any motion. You can use different video inputs by making a few tweaks to the source code. This software program will monitor the video input and detect any movement in the video. If it detects any movement it will take a snapshot and share it with the owner.

High-Level Diagram

Here's a high-level diagram of what we will be building



We will break this project into modules and implement it one at a time. Once we create all the modules, we will bring them together. You can find the modules here:

In this module, we will implement a script to send an email to a user. You can check the implementation here.

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